2020 - 2021 LCS District Updates

This page was created with the intent of keeping all Lawton Community Schools members (students, parents, family members, teachers, administration, etc.) updated with latest information. Posts on this page shall be updated as soon as we are made aware of any situations pertaining to our community members or information that has been shared with us from the county or state health department.

LCS Positive Cases Update

Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan

April 29, 2021

Hello Blue Devils, 

We have some important information to share with you. 

  1. Since our return from Spring Break and the original number of positive cases at Lawton High School, we can fortunately and cautiously report that testing of HS and MS athletes has, to date, not indicated another positive test. Does this mean that we can let our guard down? Absolutely not. What it does mean is that we can return to in-person instruction starting next Monday, May 3. I appreciate the efforts and understanding of our students, staff, and parents during this 2-week virtual learning period and look forward to seeing our HS students back on campus. 
  2. We are also excited to announce a potential vaccine opportunity for our students’ age 16+. Today, Thursday, April 29, HS students will be surveyed to determine how many might be interested in receiving a COVID vaccine. While the details are yet to be finalized, the clinic would be conducted by the Bronson health organization and held at either the VBISD Conference Center or at regional sites (schools). The clinic would likely be held on a school day and students would be transported via school bus. Those who are interested will require a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Stay tuned for more information. 
  3. In the coming weeks, parents can expect information about summer learning opportunities for students in all grade levels. It is important to us to close any learning gaps that may have arisen out of the unusual circumstances of the last year. High school students who have failed courses or are credit deficient will have an opportunity for credit recovery. Elementary and Middle School students will be offered a summer program that includes an emphasis on core content, essential standards, and hands-on learning experiences. Details to be shared soon. 
  4. And finally a reminder that Friday, April 30 is a half-day of school. Parent/Teacher conferences will be held in the afternoon for middle and high school. Conferences for these students are also scheduled for this evening, Thursday, April 29. Please contact the school offices for more information. 

Stay safe!
Chris Rice

April 16, 2021

Dear Blue Devils, 

Effective Monday, April 19, 2021, Lawton High School and the Lawton Accelerated Academic Center will begin a 2-week virtual learning period for all students. Details and expectations for students will be shared in a separate message from LHS Principal Tammy Wilson and LAAC Principal Tamara Webster. Lawton Elementary and Lawton Middle School will continue to have in-person learning during this time and until further notice.

During the high school virtual learning period, the LAAC classroom and HS library will be open as an available workspace for those students who do not have home internet access or who do not feel that they can work productively at home. Additionally, those students in need of extra support (those with IEP’s) will have opportunities for in-person instruction as well.

We also plan to allow our spring extracurricular activities to continue participating. All of our spring athletes (age 13-19) are being COVID tested weekly. Those who test positive are immediately sent home. We will also be implementing weekly testing of our drama club students as well.

In the last week, we’ve learned of (5) HS students who have tested positive for COVID. This has led to the close contact quarantine of over 20 students. Many of these students are involved in spring activities. Activities that were lost to our kids for all of spring 2020. Among our greatest concerns is the rapid rise in positive cases among HS-aged students and the resulting impact on anyone considered a close contact. The pause in in-person learning gives us a chance to get a handle on that rise in cases by limiting interactions among students in classrooms. The number of students who have chosen to learn in-person makes it nearly impossible to maintain 6 feet of distance between them. Because of this, any student who sits in a classroom for 15 minutes or more and within 6 feet of a positive individual, faces a 14 day quarantine period.

Students who might test positive or be exposed in the next two weeks risk losing out on important events including the drama club’s performance, Advanced Placement testing, and athletic events. These are very important events and activities for many of our students and our goal is to maintain these opportunities for as many students as possible. All this being said, students you have to do your part. This includes showing up for all classes on-time every day. It also includes being safe when outside of school by limiting your social interactions. The effects of COVID appear to be less serious for young people, however, there are still risks for those who contract the virus.

Some may question why we’ve chosen to go virtual at the high school only. This is largely because HS students are more independent and able to succeed in a virtual environment. Our quarantine numbers are also of concern at the middle school level but we have learned that virtual instruction at the middle school level presents more challenges and that many students of this age are not able to remain home alone if parents are working. If we continue to see a rise in cases at the middle school level, we may have to reconsider this decision.

During this HS virtual learning period, all bus runs (including Tech Center) will operate as planned unless we face an unexpected driver shortage. Details forthcoming regarding school meal availability for HS students.

I realize that this decision will not be received positively by all. Please know that a great deal of thought went into it. We absolutely want our kids in school. However, we also want them healthy and able to enjoy the activities that so many lost last year. 


Chris Rice

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