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Tammy Wilson

Darcy Munro
Guidance Counselor

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Athletic Director


LHS Counseling

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Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 school year!!!

If you have any questions or concerns and you would like to speak to us, please feel free to contact us and set up an appointment. Our contact information is below:

Darcy Munro
Guidance Counselor
269 - 624 - 7805


Shelley Powell
Guidance / Athletics Secretary
269 - 624 - 7805

Transcript Requests

If you would like to request a transcript to be sent to any colleges for application or would just like to see your academic history please follow the link to

  • You will need to sign up for an account - it's FREE!
  • As long as you are a high school student, all of your transcript requests through this system are FREE!!

Scheduled College Visits during 2018 - 2019 school year at Lawton High School

Month Date Hour College
September 25 Ach. Michigan Tech University
October 8 Ach. Western Michigan University
  12 Ach. Grand Valley State University
  22 Ach. Southwest Michigan College
  25 Ach. Kalamazoo Valley Community College
November 1 Ach. Michigan State University
  27 Ach. Lake Michigan College
  28 Ach. Saginaw Valley State University
December 11 Ach. Naval Academy
  14 Ach. National Guard


Please check the counseling office REGULARLY for college - specific scholarships

Below are a few of the scholarships that we have found. Please know that you are not limited to only these scholarships. Other good sites to look at for scholarships are the following:

Lawton Education Foundation Scholarships:

  1. Chance Claassen Memorial Soccer Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • Awarded to a senior soccer player who will attend college full time next fall.
    • Recipient will be chose by soccer coach and athletic director.
    • No application required.
  2. Chance Claassen Hospitality Programs Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • Awarded to a student involved in either the culinary or hospitality program at the Van Buren Tech Center.
    • Winner must be furthering their education in one of these fields.
    • Students, including winners of this scholarship may reapply in succeeding years.
    • An application, a one page essay and 2 letters of recommendation are required.
    • Application deadline is April 22nd.
  3. Lawton Education Foundation Scholarship.
    • $750 scholarship
    • Awarded to students plannin on attending career oriented schools such as business colleges, technical colleges, cosmetology schools or community colleges.
    • An application, GPA of C- (1.67) or higher, and a one page essay statin why you wish to receive this scholarship and your personal and career goals is required.
    • Application deadline is April 22nd.
  4. Shane Mohney Athletic Scholarship
    • Two $500 scholarships
    • For applicants planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college, community college, trade or tech school who participated in sports at some time during their high school career.
    • GPA of 2.33 or higher and attend a 4-year college or university. 
    • 1 page essay stating career goals and a recommendation from a high school coach is required.
    • Application deadline is April 22nd.
  5. Dallas Rauker Memorial Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • This scholarship will be awarded to a student of high academic ability (3.67 GPA or higher), who have attended Lawton High School for four years, have been active in sports each of the four years and have successfully participated in an academic dual-enrollment.
    • An application is required with an attached one page summary statement of qualifications and goals and a letter of recommendation from a teacher, employer or coach.
    • Application deadline is April 22nd.
  6. John and Zella Reid Lawton Alumni Business and Education Scholarship
    • At least $500 scholarship. Amount does vary.
    • This scholarship will be awarded at the Alumni Banquet to a student going to either business or education. Student must be attending college full time in the fall. Student must also attend the Alumni Banquet to receive this scholarship. 
    • Guidance office will have applications.
    • Application deadline is April 22nd.
  7. Adam Shafer Memorial Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • This is a scholarship available to seniors who have been active in baseball for two years and who intend to continue their education. 
    • Minimum GPA of 2.50 required.
    • Guidance office will have applications.
    • Application deadline is April 22nd.
  8. Bryan Sosinski Wrestling Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • This new scholarship was established in 2013 by the family of Coach Bryan Sosinski to honor his many years of dedication to the LHS wrestling program. This scholarship will be awarded starting in 2014 to a senior wrestler who has wrestled at least 2 years, including his senior year. 
    • Winner must have a 2.7 GPA and be enrolled in post-secondary education full time. 
    • Additional award money if winner goes on to wrestle in college.
    • Applicant must fill out an application and provide a letter of recommendation. 
    • Application deadline is April 22nd.
  9. Matt Zedeck Memorial Scholarship
    • $1,200 scholarship
    • Awarded to a track participant. Based also on scholarship and leadership. 
    • Applicants must have a 2.5 GPA. 
    • No application needed.
  10. Vaughan Cornish and Marilyn Holladay Scholarships
    • $250 scholarship
    • Awarded to an outstanding male and female at the Senior Award Banquet.
    • Must maintain a C or better average.
    • Must receive 3 letters in 3 varsity sports during their senior year.
    • No application necessary.
  11. James Laggis Scholarship
    • $250 - $500 scholarship
    • Awarded to a senior wrestler at the Senior Awards Banquet.
    • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA or better.
    • No application necessary.
  12. LEF Recognition Scholarship
    • $500 scholarship
    • Targeted for students planning on attending career oriented school such as business colleges, technical schools, cosmetology schools, etc.
    • Students must have 1.67 GPA or better.

Local Scholarships:

  1. Lawton Lions Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • Awarded to a senior with a 2.5 GPA or above.
    • Awarded to 1 senior boy and 1 senior girl.
  2. Lawton Education Association Scholarship
    • $300 scholarship
    • Awarded to a senior with 2.5 GPA or higher
    • Based on essay submission
    • Qualifiers will be notified at the beginning of the third trimester.
  3. Lawton Heritage Museum Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • Student must have a 2.0 GPA or higher
    • Applicants must submit a 250 - 300 word composition, letter of introduction.
  4. David T. Cornish Memorial Scholarship
    • $750 scholarship
    • Awarded to a LHS senior who has completed all four years of high school at Lawton.
    • Applicant must be planning on continuing their educational experience post high school with college or vocational training in a full-time capacity.
    • GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  5. National Honor Society Linda Barkalow Scholarship
    • $500 scholarship
    • Student must have a 3.0 - 3.32 GPA, but NOT in the Honor Society.
    • Essay must be submitted to Mrs. Munro.
  6. Edna Wrona Memorial Family Scholarship
    • $500 scholarship
    • Awarded to student going into the teaching profession.
  7. Kara Fund Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • Essay contest
    • Details are in the Guidance Office
  8. Brianne Hovey Memorial Scholarship
    • Amount to be determined
    • Essay contest
    • Student must have 3.0 GPA or higher
  9. Lawton Alumni Scholarships
    • Many different scholarship available that Mr. Reid will be coordinating.
    • Awarded at Alumni Banquet.
  10. Jim Stankek Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • Students must have 2.5 GPA or higher.
    • Essay scholarship
    • Stop into Guidance Office for more information.
  11. New Horizons Scholarship
    • $1,000 scholarship
    • Available to seniors who will be attending a vocational school, technical school, or community college.
  12. Kyle Miller Wrestling Scholarship
    • $500 scholarship
    • Must be a graduating senior and have wrestled your senior year of high school.
    • Must be enrolled full time in an accredited post-secondary education institution.
    • Student must have 2.5 GPA or higher.

Other Scholarship Opportunities:

Founders Freedom Scholarship

  • Scholarship Award is $1776.00
  • High School seniors living in Kalamazoo & VanBuren County
  • Application due date:  April 1, 2018
  • Come into the Guidance Office for further information.

The VBCEA "Student Scholarship for Educators

  • Available in the Guidance Office. 
  • $2,000.00 scholarship.
  • Provided to a graduating senior who plans to go into public education. 
  • Student applications and supporting documents must be submitted to the high school counselor's office no later than Wednesday, February 28, 2018
  • Minimum GPA is 3.0.

The NALS of Greater Kalamazoo 2018 scholarship:

  • Application is now available in the Guidance Office. 
  • This year they will be awarding two $1,000.00 scholarships.
  • Available to students pursuing higher education in the legal field. 
  • Stop into the Guidance Office. 

The LakeView Foundation Scholarship:

  • The fForm is now available in the Guidance Office. 
  • If you are a graduating senior and going to enroll full-time in college in the Health Care /Medical field, please stop in for an application.
  • This scholarship is renewable.

Arbor Financial Community Scholarship Program:

  • Arbor Financial Credit Union is excited to announce that we will be awarding 12 high school seniors with $2,000 scholarships, for a total of $24,000 to these outstanding students!
  • Applications for the 2018 Arbor Financial Community Scholarship Program will be accepted through April 1, 2018.
  • Who is eligible:
    • Open to all high school seniors, who are Arbor Financial members OR
    • High school seniors residing in any of the 21 counties we serve
    • Accepted into an accredited post-secondary school (community college, 4-year programs, etc)
    • Scholarships must be used in the upcoming fall semester

Future Teacher Scholarship:

  • If you are a graduating senior and attending college to pursue a teacher education program there is a scholarship opportunity in the Guidance Office. 
  • The deadline is March2, 2018 
  • Value = $1,000.00

Welch’s/National Grape Cooperative Scholarship: 

  • Must be son, daughter or grandchild of an employee of Welch plant located in Lawton.

Danial and Joeanna Smith Education Scholarship

  • Minimum 3.5 GPA
  • Minimum of $500 award

Gail and Hilda Oster Scholarship: 

  • There are three different criteria for this scholarship. Come to the Guidance Office for more information.

The Van Buren County Association of School Boards Scholarship:

  • Valued at $500.00
  • Must be in the Superintendent’s Office by March 15, 2018.
  • Come into the Guidance Office for further information. 

The Midwest Energy & Communications Scholarship:

  • High school seniors must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and whose families receive electric, propane or internet services from MEC at their primary residence are eligible to apply.
  • The scholarship is valued at $1,000.00
  • Deadline is March 19, 2018

The Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel Scholarship

  • The Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel scholarship application is now available. 
  • Applications must be received on or before April 1, 2018
  • The scholarship is valued at $1,000.00 
  • Come into the Guidance Office for further information.

The Lawyers at Growth & Associates Scholarship:

The Lawyers here at Groth & Associates are proud to offer a generous $1,000.00 scholarship for any individuals who qualify. To qualify for this scholarship:

  • Must have a G.P.A. of 3.0+
  • Fill out the form with your contact information
  • Attach school transcript to verify enrollment or submit any document to help us know you are currently enrolled or have been accepted to a college or university in the United States.
  • Attach a 500-word essay about difficulties or hardships you have had to personally overcome.
  • The deadline for application submissions is July 31, 2018. Qualifying students can apply here:

Michigan Retailers Foundation Scholarship

  • The Michigan Retailers Foundation scholarship is available in the guidance office. To be eligible, the student or his/her parent must be employed at a business that is a member of the Michigan Retailers Association.  For further information, come into the Guidance Office and contact Mrs. Pastol.
  • Value = ranges from $1,000.00 - $2,000.00
  • Deadline = submitted by April 2, 2018

Paw Paw Conservation Club Scholarship

  • The Paw Paw Conservation Club Scholarship is now available in the Guidance Office. 
  • Deadline = on or before May 1, 2018
  • Value =$500.00

2018 Rosa Parks Scholarships

  • The application for the 2018 Rosa Parks Scholarships is now available . This is an annual scholarship, approximately 40 scholarship winners will be announced in mid-May.
  • Value = $2,000
  • Site =
  • Deadline = March 1, 2018

Follow Your Dream Scholarship

  • The Follow Your Dream Scholarship is now available.  The due date is 3:00 PM on Tuesday, January 23, 2018.  For an application,  please come into the guidance office and contact Mrs. Pastol.

2017 / 2018 Elks Scholarship Programs

  1. Most Valuable Student Scholarship Program:
    Four year program. 
    This scholarship is based on ACT or SAT score, financial need, and leadership in school or community. 
    $1,000.00 - $50,000.00.

    : Online ….. On or before November 27, 2017
    - for more information please stop into Guidance Office
  2. Michigan Gold Key Scholarship Program
    2- or 4-year scholarship
    For graduates with disabilities
    $2,000 - $8,000
    Deadline: Online....... On or before December 1, 2017
    - for more information please stop into Guidance Office
  3. Legacy Scholarship Program
    For family members that are dues-paying Elks.
    Deadline: Online......... On or before February 2, 2018
    - for more information please stop into Guidance Office

2017 Future of Assisted Living Scholarship

  • Value = $2,000.00
  • Deadline:  December 31, 2017
  • for more information please stop into Guidance Office

NHS Scholarship Program

  • Application is now available for all NHS senior members that are in good standing.
  • Deadline: January 30, 2018
  • If you need more information please come into the Guidance Office.

Kalamazoo Valley Foundation-Sponsored Scholarships

  • The Financial Aid Office is currently promoting scholarships sponsored through the Kalamazoo Valley Foundation.
  • To view and apply for Kalamazoo Valley Foundation-Sponsored Scholarships go to .
  • Deadline: online scholarship application is October 27, 2017, unless noted otherwise. Applications will not be returned for missing information.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office by phone at 269.488.4340 or by email at

Michiana Two-cylinder club Scholarship

  • Now available in the Guidance Office.
  • Must be pursuing an education in an agricultural related field. 
  • Value = $1,000.00

Lake Michigan Credit Union Lloyd F. Hutt Scholarship

  • Available in the Guidance Office. 
  • Value = 1 of 15 $2,000.00 scholarships. 
  • Deadline = January 31, 2018.
  • Come into the Guidance Office for further information.


Search # 1

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Advanced Search”
  3. Click on “Criteria Search”
  4. Follow directions above each drop down box (you can leave tuition range blank)

This will bring you to a list of colleges in the state you chose.  Choose the college you are interested in to gather further information.

Search # 2

  1. (Michigan e-library online)
  2. Click on “Business and Jobs
  3. Click on “Careers and Jobs”
  4. Click on “Exploring Career Preferences

Other College Search Sites