School Administration


Superintendent Mr. Christopher Rice

Hello and thank you for visiting the Lawton Community Schools website. I am honored to be the Superintendent of what I consider an elite small school district in Southwest Michigan. Our academic achievement typically ranks among the top schools in both our county and conference. Lawton Community Schools remains on solid financial ground while offering a full selection of opportunities for our students. Our facilities are well maintained, with new middle and high school buildings in 2004.

Parents appreciate the on-site preschool and child care programs available which provide a great start for our younger children.  In addition, students at Lawton High School have dual enrollment opportunities at area colleges and Advanced Placement courses with highly qualified teachers in our own classrooms. A variety of co-curricular clubs are also sponsored by our schools. An alternative high school learning option is available at the Lawton Accelerated Academic Center. This online learning opportunity allows students to move at their own pace as they pursue their diploma. Lawton High School is among the leaders in the county utilizing the world class Van Buren Technology Center to enhance the educational experience of our students. Technology Center programs are available focusing on both immediate career entry and specific college program preparation. 

As a member of the Southwestern Athletic Conference, we currently offer thirteen varsity sports, as well as a number of sub-varsity sports. We are proud to provide these athletic options to all students with no "pay to play" participation fees.

Alumni of the Lawton Community Schools have gone on to accomplish great things including careers in  medicine, science, law enforcement, military, education, engineering and many more.  Just as important, we emphasize the importance of our students being engaged citizens. Character is an important piece of our educational mission.

The Village of Lawton is a vibrant community surrounded by beautiful vineyards that provide a variety of grapes for the juice, jelly and wine making industries. Located just a short drive from Kalamazoo, Lawton is well known for our food processing plants and outstanding restaurants. Those looking to relocate are encouraged to visit our community and our schools. We believe that you too will notice what we already know - Lawton is a great place to live and raise children!

In closing, I would like to thank the Board of Education, our staff and community, the many volunteers, and our families for making Lawton your school of choice. Your involvement and feedback are very important. Please contact me, or any administrator with questions, concerns or to schedule a visit to any of our schools.

Christopher J. Rice
Superintendent of Schools